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"appointment was delayed and technician arrive 1.5 hours after the scheduled appointment time. a new garbage disposal was installed. only one option was presented and it was VERY expensive. I've heard good things about R-Mech because I know the owner but I was very disappointed in this visit. tech was nice and did the job well, but I think it was over priced."
S . from Edgerton, MO on January 14th, 2019
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"Thank you providing us with honest feedback and we are sorry to hear you had a bad experience. R-Mech also understands that prices may not always make sense to our customers but we always try our best to be with in the competitive rate and in some situations we will price match. If there is anything we can do to help make this a 5 star experience please do not hesitate to give us a all at (816) 920-5955 or email us at We look forward to a second chance and working with you again and make sure you stay up to date with our current deals and promos by going to our website."
- R - Mech
"Guy that came out was quite nice and helpful. My frustration is that I called in the morning and was told that they could repair or replace same day. I was very clear about this need and was assured it was the case. The technician could neither repair or replace same day (nor could they provide me with a date that it could be done). I ended up buying a water heater at Home Depot and hiring a plumber to install. it."
N . from Riverside, MO on November 13th, 2018
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"This is kind of hard to rate. - We were dealing with a contained smell in the basement - but no leaking or flooding. The Initial visit to the house seemed more like a introduction - "Yep, you've got a smell" let's schedule a 2nd visit so we can narrow down the source- and it's going to require 2 guys. - WHAT - why are you here!! NOT HAPPY. We then called someone else out to give us the same diagnosis/ at double the price of the introduction call- However the plumber had somewhat of a conscious and told us honestly what he thought was wrong. But still wouldn't fix it during the intro call). R-Mech called back and rectified the first visit and we scheduled the follow-up. --They came out - assessed the problem a little more thoroughly - found the problem (same problem the second guy described) and fixed it. --- Here's the rub. -- WHY did it take 2 visits -- You could have fixed it with the first call out and used 1 guy- charge the call + what it takes to fix the problem. --- Instead, we took time off work on 4 days (2 days our fault) - You sent a truck out on 2 occasions and used 3 guys (which I know we paid for) - for a one visit, one guy job converting an old s-trap to a p-trap in a basement bar. So 3 stars for following up with us and not doing the unnecessary test. "
C . from Kansas City, MO on April 7th, 2017
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" I didn't receive a call in the morning to let me know when the scheduled time would be as indicated. I had to call the hot line to have them call the plumber to find out it was from 3-5. The crew showed up at the very end of the allotted time, which spilled over into the evening. The crew was very good and explained things great. It was really everything up until then. My kitchen sink doesn't have the pressure it used to, so it's something I guess I will have to look at. It would've been nice if they tested everything out prior to leaving."
M . R from Lees Summit, MO on January 31st, 2017
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" I am very happy with the work provided. My main complaint and what will prevent me from using your company in the future was the $160 charge to remove and reinstall the toilet so that a sewer machine could be hooked up. This ended up being more than the charge to run the sewer machine, for something that at most took a five dollar part and 15 or 20 minutes. I feel this charge is exorbitant given the amount of time and materials required to do it. Given the emergency situation and the trip charge I didn't feel I had another option, but I will not employ vendors that use such a rate structure for change orders. "
M . G from Tonganoxie, KS on December 19th, 2016
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"I am very sorry that this extra step needed will keep you from using us again. I would love to hear from you to hear how we could find a way to earn your business back. We do try and look for clean-outs whenever possible but sometimes we must go through the line under the toilet to get the line cleaned out correctly and this is our pricing for this service. We are competitive with other providers but our main concern is always customer satisfaction. I would love to speak with you more to see if there is anything more we could do to earn you back. -Greg 816-920-5955"
- R - Mech
"First of all, my name is NOT Susan. Angie's List provided you with my name. The communication with the office staff was not great, from failure to contact me after Angie's List sent you details of my offer purchase, having to email you myself a week later, to a woman waking me at an ungodly early hour wanting to move up my scheduled appointment time, to addressing me incorrectly. The 2 men who came to the appointment were fine. They were on time, took care not to make a mess in my house, explained what they were doing and answered all my questions. "
S . W from Raymore, MO on August 26th, 2016
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"Air conditioner didn't start, We called the company during off hour and paid extra for the visit. Service man came and identified there low level of FREON in the system and filled 5 gallon. After he left again AC isn't started. whole night we suffered without AC. Next day we called the company and explained the situation then they send another person to look at the problem. That person (Charlie) was soo nice and explain about the issue - AC was overfilled with FREON by pervious person. Then he removed one gallon of FREON from the AC. It started working well. We spend more money for the service but it didn't fix on the same day and They overfilled but we paid for extra Freon. Overall all its OK. "
P . R from Overland Park, KS on August 24th, 2016
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"We have used R-Mech several times and had great service and experiences. We purchased a hot water heater and we are very satisfied. We needed to remove and install a new bathroom faucet (purchased by us). We purchased an Angies List provided service call and a $50 discount offered by R-Mech for the faucet job. What I did not receive was an estimate of the work to be done. I thought the job would not be more than an hour so I was thinking the bill would not be more than $100 after applying the discount. When the service representative arrived he did call the office and received an estimate of $255. I was shocked at the cost but since I purchased from Angies List I thought I better use it. The service rep was very professional and he did an excellent job of removing the old faucet and installing the new faucet.However, he spent 45 minutes for installation at a cost of $255. It would have been $305 plus a $39 service call if I had not purchased from Angie's list. On an hourly basis the service would have cost me $440 for one hour. I will still use R- Mech but I will get an estimate first before a decision is made. Excellent work but the cost seems very high to install a bathroom faucet."
T . from Shawnee Mission, KS on May 27th, 2016
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"I have a leak in the basement and Josh took pictures and told me he needed to talk to his boss and would get back with me in a few days. It's been a week and I haven't heard anything."
B . C from Lees Summit, MO on March 2nd, 2016
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"Robby was very nice however I felt like I was being taken advantage of worth the price. He quoted me a price, seemed high but I don't use plumbers often to know. Then after looking at it he said it would take more work and added another $35 on top. He was there barely and hour and I paid $211. I appreciate his knowledge, expertise, friendliness and efficiency, just not his price. "
A . M from Olathe, KS on February 17th, 2016
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