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Is Your Sump Pump Ready for the Kansas City Weather?

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Here in the Kansas City Metro Area, we are no strangers to the constant changes in weather. It could snow today, be hot tomorrow, and rain the next. We definitely see it all! Since extreme changes in weather can affect your home, it’s important to remain vigilant with regular service and maintenance. We’d like to offer a few tips that will help you keep your home in prime shape through the Seasons and with a lot of rain in the forecast lately, it’s good to know what can potentially happen to your home.

Excessive rain/flooding can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing especially SUMP PUMP ISSUES. Sump pumps are a necessary part of any home that has a basement that lies beneath the water table of that area. A sump pump is a way to remove water from the ground around your basement to work to keep it dry and free of flooding. If you do not have a monitoring system, like a PUMP SPY, there are some indicators that you should be aware of so you can potentially catch problems before you come home to a basement full of water.


A sump pump should operate nearly silent if not completely silent so if it is making a great deal of noise, you may be in for trouble. If your pump does start making a great deal of noise it is best to contact a repair company to get the issue taken care of asap.


This is often best noticed when there is a great deal of rain or extra moisture. Rain is a great way to see if your pump is still working properly or not. If you pump does fail to remove water then you may just have an overloaded system or you may have a pump that is failing.


As with any home system, it is important that you take the time to get regular maintenance on the item to prevent damage and failure. Often, your technician may notice if your system or pump is starting to slow or is not working as efficiently as it could.


The brown stuff could be from corroded battery terminals, but sometimes the discoloration is due to bacteria (Iron Bacteria). The blight feeds off iron in water causing discoloration and in extreme cases, a gel-like substance that can clog plumbing, including your sump pump. (FYI – Iron bacteria is not a human health hazard, but it will cause problems with water flow in your drainage system.)


  • Test your sump pump regularly
  • Clean the sump pit to avoid obstructions
  • Get a generator backup for the sump pump
  • Get a Pump Spy Battery Backup System – with monitoring.
  • Get your sump pump inspected by a professional after 5 years
  • Realize that eventually your sump pump will have to be replaced
  • Contact R-Mech Heating, Cooling and Plumbing at (816) 920-5955, to get help and guidance on repair issues with your sump pump and to learn more about the Pump Spy and start getting immediate alerts and alarms when necessary and catch potential issues quickly and avoid even more costly repairs if they go unnoticed.

wifi sump pump backup - Is Your Sump Pump Ready for the Kansas City Weather?

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