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Boiler Repair and Installation in Kansas City, MO

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Winter heating in the greater Kansas City area is a serious business. Traditionally, a great choice for reliable, safe, and comfortable heating is gas boilers. Since 1999, R-Mech has provided both boiler repair and installation services for greater Kansas City area home and business owners. We are your Boiler Service Experts.

Boiler Repair Services

If you have an existing boiler, it will need seasonal maintenance to ensure safe, reliable operation. At R-Mech, we offer maintenance programs that will deliver the peace of mind and efficient operation of your boiler during the cold winter months.

If you need to repair service, we’re here to help. With over 20 years of professional boiler service experience our licensed and insured boiler techs can help. Whether it is an emergency repair or scheduled maintenance we’ll be there when you need us. We service all boiler brands and stock most parts necessary to get your home or business warm again.

Boiler Installations

Boilers distribute heat utilizing radiant heating. In most cases warmed water (or sometimes steam) is distributed to radiators where it releases its energy to your living space. For water boilers, alternative distribution systems include hot water baseboards, air handlers, or comfortable radiant heating. In all of these configurations, you can have multiple zones that each have their own thermostat to provide efficiency and precise temperature control throughout your home or business.

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Rinnai Boilers

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Our local natural gas supplier is Spire Energy. If you have natural gas you can get up to $300 for the purchase of selected high efficiency Freedom gas furnaces. Click here for details.
If you are considering a system for your new home or business, you have a wide range of choices when considering a hydronic system:
  • Distribution system type: hot water baseboard, in-floor radiant, or air handlers
  • System venting: the products of combustion need to be vented safely to the outdoors. You can utilize a traditional masonry or b-vent chimney, or consider one of your new direct vent boiler systems that don’t require a chimney.
  • Traditional cast-iron heat exchanger, or more efficient stainless steel.
  • Traditional cast iron boilers are floor mounted in a utility space, while new high-efficiency systems can be wall-mounted saving you floor space.
  • Efficiency: current gas boilers are rated at between 80% on 97% AFUE, which it the annual efficiency of combustion. The high the efficiency, the lower your energy cost will be.

About R-Mech

R-Mech is a licensed and insured contractor. Our heating and ventilating contractor license number is 954925
R-Mech has been an Accredited member of the Missouri Better Business Bureau. We are more than proud of our A+ rating!
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Over the years, R-Mech is proud to have received thousands of reviews from our clients thanking us for the excellent work our friendly and skilled technicians did on their home.

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