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2nd floor too hot

2 AC Units for a 2-Story House

The Proper AC system for Cooling the Upstairs

2nd floor too hot

AC Not Cooling Upstairs

R-Mech AC Tech OutsideIt’s a common problem to feel like parts of your home just aren’t as comfortable as others. And for those of us who live in 2-story homes, especially the older homes that are prevalent in and around Kansas City, usually the complaint comes in the middle of summer when you realize it’s always (at least) a few degrees warmer upstairs.

You may be thinking:

  • You may have thought that means it’s time to get a larger, more energy-efficient AC system and that will fix the problem.
  • Or, there’s no way to ever properly cool the upstairs of your home.

Well neither of these might be right. And there is a third option that often solves the problem thoroughly and efficiently.

Why Your 2nd Floor Gets So Hot

One basic reason why your upstairs is hotter than the downstairs is simply because hot air rises. And cool air sinks. So this reality is bound to make it difficult to maintain the same temperate across different floors. Your AC unit on the first floor has greater work to do in pushing that cool air all the way up to your 2nd floor. Sometimes other issues contribute to an overly-hot upstairs such as a roof absorbing a lot of heat from the sun or not adequate insulation.

2 AC Units for your 2-Story Home

Instead of upgrading your existing AC unit in the basement, you may be better off having 2 AC units, one that goes upstairs or in your attic.

Cost Concerns

You may have an idea of how much an AC system large enough to handle your home will cost. Fortunately, this 2nd unit won’t probably cost as much as you’re thinking. Since this unit isn’t going to be needed to handle the cooling of the entire square footage of your home, you will need a smaller unit that works coincide your other existing unit. The proper calculation for what size of a 2nd unit you will need to cool your upstairs factors only the square footage of that level.

Square footage of only the 2nd floor

Another cost issue is regarding your monthly energy bill. There’s a very good chance having two AC systems in a 2-Story home will save you money each month. In trying to get your single AC system to handle both floors, you may be having it do too much work in order the air from the vents to sufficiently cool the upstairs. Have you found your downstairs is too cold when you finally get your upstairs to feel just right? Having a 2nd unit focused on heating just the upstairs means your lower-level AC system will not have to do as much work heating areas it may never be able to adequately reach.

A Sort of Cooling Safety Net

Having two separate air conditioning units also provides you with a unique advantage. If one of your units suddenly breaks down (as it seems many do in those first hot days of Kansas City summers), you will still have another unit operating. Of course this one unit won’t be sufficient to cool your entire home completely, but at least you’ll be able to have some level of cooling in your home until an AC repair technician can come out and fix the broken cooling unit.

R-Mech Tech DuctworkFactors Unique to 2nd HVAC Unit

Depending on your home, there may be issues with limited space in installing a second HVAC unit to cool your upstairs. This 2nd unit will need to have ductwork separate from your existing duct work for your current unit. The other issue with space is finding a place for both the inside unit (the evaporator) as well as the outside AC unit (the condenser).

Does YOUR Home need a 2nd air conditioning unit?

There are several easy DIY steps a homeowner can make that can improve a home’s cooling, such as ensuring the air filters are clean and making sure all vents are open and not blocked. But if you have tried all these fixes and have been putting up with an overly heated upstairs for many hot Kansas City summers, then it’s probably time you look into what options a professional AC technician can do to make your home – all of your home – truly comfortable all year long. Contact us and one of our highly trained and friendly technicians will be happy to diagnose the cooling problems in your house and determine your various options for conquering the problems of a hot upstairs.

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