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The Do’s and Don’ts… Garbage Disposal

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Garbage Disposal Tips

Like many of us we have a garbage disposal installed with our kitchen sinks. Many people do not know how to maintain, or even know what is acceptable to put in our garbage disposals. In the following passage I will give some pointers on how to keep your unit running properly, and how to keep the plumber from paying you a visit.

Proper maintenance is very important to help your unit from going out on you. While using your garbage disposal you should avoid using hot water, as this will expand the internal components as they are metal and can cause failure in the casing. You can also put ice down the disposal occasionally and grind it up. This will sharpen the blades. If you ever notice an odor you can put a lemon or lime chunk in and grind it up. The citrus in these fruits are great at killing odor causing enzymes. When dumping food into disposal be sparingly and don’t overload the unit as it will discharge food debris, they may be too large for your kitchen branch line to handle, which can cause a clog in the line.

What can I put in my garbage disposal?

  • If you are scraping off your dishes and there’s a small amount of food to dispose of this would be fine. When grinding up food products you want to do small portions at a time and allow the disposal to process the food waste to allow it to break down. You do not want to dump an entire pot of food of any kind down the disposal at once as this will clog your branch line.
  • Run water anytime you are using your disposal to help push all food deposits to your main line, if the food just sits in your line it can cause a future blockage.

What should I avoid putting down my garbage disposal?

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  • Rice and noodles are bad for your branch line, the disposal will break it down but what doesn’t make it to the main line will just sit there and swell up.
  • Leafy vegetables are another big no, no as these products will cling to the pipe and over time build up.
  • Egg shells is another one you will want to avoid as the disposal will break it down with no problem, but the deposits solidify into a concrete like form that can ruin your main line.
  • Chicken bones can send a shard of chicken bone right through the casing and cause irreparable damage.
  • Drain Cleaners of any kind also need to be avoided as these can cause damage to the metal parts in your unit. Whenever using a drain cleaner use product with natural citrus enzymes as they are not corrosive to the unit.

In conclusion, to maintain your unit be weary of what you are putting down your disposal, and how much you are doing at one time. Always run water behind the food you are depositing to help get it to the main sewer line. Following these tips may help avoid seeing us in the future. If you’d like more information or any issues you’re having or would like to prevent them, call us at (816) 920-5955.

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