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S.A.F.E. Maintenance Plans
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Join the R-Mech family today! We offer SAFE agreements for a variety of your homes HVAC and Plumbing needs. Maintenance agreements are important to maintain your equipment’s warranties. Regular maintenance also ensures that your home’s equipment is operating at its peak performance levels and increases the life expectancy of your units.

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  • 1 annual AC tune up
  • 1 annual furnace tune up
  • Clean AC blades/furnace cabinet of debris
  • Check safety and proper operation of equipment
  • Check freon levels/heat exchanger for unsafe conditions
  • Replace air filter (up to 1”)
  • Humidifier service
  • 10% discounts on repairs/replace
  • Discounted Dispatch/after hours fees

Tankless SAFE

  • One annual tankless flush to remove scale
  • Inspect flue integrity
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Inspect and clean cabinet of debris
  • Operate isolation valves
  • Check relief valve and filter
  • Test and ensure proper delivery of hot water throughout lines
  • 10% discount on any repairs/replace
  • Discounted dispatch/after hours fees

Plumbing SAFE

  • Drain flush standard tank water heater
  • Inspect all visible gas, waste, water piping for leaks
  • Clean aerators, inspect sump pumps, faucets, main drain and main water shut off
  • Covers interior plumbing and exterior hose bibs
  • 10% discounts on repairs/replace

Sewer SAFE

  • One annual visit to auger main drain line
  • 50% off drain camera to diagnose reoccurring issues
  • 10% off sewer line replacement after 30 days of coverage

Water Softener SAFE

  • Check proper operations of system
  • Verify that regeneration time is set correctly
  • Verify that the hardness is set correctly
  • Supply up to 2 bags of salt
  • 10% discount on repairs or replacement

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