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M . S from Raytown, MO on June 14th, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
D . G from Kansas City, MO on June 11th, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"20-point air conditioner tune up performed by R-Mech. Notes were included at bottom of service report recommending adding additional refrigerant but was not offered by R-Mech at time of tune up. Upon clarification with R-Mech, they sent a technician back out to add refrigerant and charged only for the freon added, no additional travel or service charges were incurred."
J . M from Overland Park, KS on June 7th, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"In installing a new faucet to a 100 year old sink, the technicians were diligent and after a few problems were able to worked with me to provide a satisfactory solution. R-Mech arrived on time, and I appreciate that they called before headed to my location. "
L . M from Kansas City, MO on June 5th, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"You had excellent service and were very professional. I did think the cost of pulling a stool to install a new flange and wax ring was not reasonable at all. That price was $397.00. "
P . D from Blue Springs, MO on May 28th, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"Plumber was very friendly and was able to resolve the issue quickly. My only complaint was the $70 charge to auger the toilet in 5 min, seems a bit steep after the $49 trip charge."
J . G from Kansas City, MO on May 20th, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"Thanks for replacing the faucet at the Restoration Hardware. The only thing the tech forgot to do was check in and out of the IVR as stated on the work order. We just need to make sure the techs follow the protocol on the work order as required. New faucet looks great. "
C . W from Salt Lake City, UT on April 21st, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"Last time we had a tune-up was in the fall and the tech replaced the filter when she got finished that didn't happen this time so that's why I rated it just good."
L . P from Kansas City, MO on April 17th, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"Good service and cleanup. The plumber was helpful and explained everything in detail."
F . J from , MO on March 26th, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"The technician you sent was professional and prompt. I do have an issue that was evident on Saturday when I went to my basement and noticed water on the floor: There is a drip coming from one of the valves below the tankless hot water heater. We have never had any leakage from this unit. Since it occurred after the maintenance service call on 3-6-15. I am certain a valve or something needs attention. I have taken a photo of the area that is dripping and can send it to you. At this time I have placed a bucket below the unit to catch the drips. Please schedule an appt with me so this can be addressed. "
M . S from Lawson, MO on March 8th, 2015
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)


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