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"As noted, the insurance company sent another company/technician to investigate the situation and the control board did not need replacing. The humidifier drainage hose was flushed and the furnace A/C has been working properly with no problems. This second diagnosis saved me $575.00 for a new control board that was not needed.As that is the case, I would like a refund for the Angie's List Purchased Deal for Coupon Code HVAC-1358184-1. The purchase was for the $49 20-Point Air-Conditioning Tune Up. The order was placed on June 28, 2014 and the order number is 1358184.You may contact me at 816.392.5980 (mobile)Thank you."
A . P from Kansas City, MO on August 26th, 2014
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"relief valve still leaking, worse than before. 3-4 gallons per day.the 248.00 part and service call were apparently not the cause.did not leak at all before the electrical repair one month ago.if you can't fix it, let me know, refund my money and i will call someone else.i am not looking for a discount, just a reliable repair.ben "
B . C from Kansas City, MO on February 17th, 2014
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"relief valve leaking more than before.. 3 gallons of water per day.did not leak at all before electrical work one month a 248.00 part and service call went for nothing.if you cannot fix it, refund my money and i will find someone who can.not asking for a discount, just a repair."
B . C from Kansas City, MO on February 17th, 2014
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"We had a service call via Angies list to have the routine annual maintenance performed. Josh said that the igniter for the furnace was iffy and altered some wiring to see if he could get the whole house humidifier running. To my knowledge, it had been working - water on the evaporator element, etc. He said that the solenoid valve was either shot or plugged with calcium. Anyway, he rewired it from the isolation transformer to the control board. After he left, the furnace blower ran non-stop even though the furnace was in auto fan mode per the thermostat. We had Josh bac out and received a report that the main board was shot and that it would cost $600 to replace it. I spoke with Brad - owner - and contested that the rewiring broke the furnace. We agreed that a 17 year old furnace was in need of replacement and that the best option was to have a new one installed. We negotiated special pricing based on what had gone on before. So, we had a new furnace installed. Brad said that it would be a Rheem - not one of their off brands. I came home from a business trip and found a SURE brand furnace installed. I also had a whole house humidifier installed. I have to say that I'm not at all impressed. I still have a humidifier in the basement and one in the living room running full time.Seems like "bait and switch" to me. I still haven't received a receipt for the installation. I had the old furnace sealed up well from sucking in air through leaks in the sheet metal and I guess that I'll have to do that again.Given my experience with contractors over the last couple years, I'm here to say that pride of workmanship is gone, craftsmanship is dead and all that matters is cheap and fast."
D . D from Olathe, KS on February 6th, 2014
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"I think that you must have the wrong person, none of the demographis information is correct. I do not know the Hot Water Wizards. I am concerned that you have my e-mail address."
D . H from Kansas City, MO on February 16th, 2012
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"boiler ran to temp and did not come back on after 10pm. help please"
B . C from Kansas City, MO on December 27th, 2013
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"Cory, our maintenance person was fine. My dissatisfaction is directed toward the owner I spoke with this morning.1. The owner installed our water heater a few years back (3-4 years ago). It was never explained to my husband or me that in order to keep the unit running properly we were required to have yearly maintenance. It was also not clear that the hot water was not truly "on demand" for small jobs like hand washing etc. After the unit was installed and we saw that we needed to run the tap for nearly a minute in order to obtain hot water he suggested we could have an additional device (an awkward one and at an additional cost) installed that would rectify the problem.2. Today during our service call, through no fault of the technician, a part (now know by R-MECH to be faulty) was broken during the service. The owner asked for us to pay for the part (around $90) and $100 in service to install it. Finding it unacceptable that to date, we would have then have spent almost $600.00 to keep what should be a very basic function of our home running - I spoke to the owner. Hearing I was displeased, he said he would fix it at no cost (not what I asked for) and that I could go out and find someone else to service in the future from now on. Had the items described in my first point not occurred, I would have felt inclined to pay for the broken part and the service. But at this point as a consumer, I must say I was feeling taken advantage of when I was asked to pay almost $200.00 today for the faulty part and the service time to fix it.....on top of the UNEXPECTED YEARLY MAINTENANCE. Where at first I felt a bit deceived (but shame on me for not researching my purchase more carefully), I am now totally disgruntled by the owner's initial expectation today regarding payment for the broken part that was punctuated by him telling me that we would now have to "part ways." What horrible customer service!"
S . S from Kansas City , MO on September 9th, 2013
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