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" I was disappointed about the bait and switch. I saw on an add for a $39 toilet tune up. I had pre-purchased all the supplies I just couldn't get it installed without leaking. The first thing the plumber said was he needed $150 to install the equipment correctly that the "deal" just paid for the service call. And when he left the toilet was still leaking! He said give it 24 hours it should stop. Really? I got robbed! "
D . J from Kansas City, MO on August 2nd, 2016
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"I would like to know how I am going to change my furnace filter????? I am not a magician. I can't even get into the space !! After spending 10,000 dollars for a complete. Hvac. Install with tankless hot water tank I am disgusted with this complication. I did not spend such a large amount of money to.ruin my unit by not changing a furnace filter."
C . L from Sugar Creek, MO on June 29th, 2016
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"We have just seen this review and reached out to you. We apologize for any errors on our part and our install manager is on his way to correct any issues immediatly"
- R - Mech
"Although we appreciated how quickly the company responded to our water heater installation and how pleasant the service person was, we were greatly disappointed to see that it was not installed level and that a gas smell persisted. This required a second visit in order to correct "three small gas leaks". We consider this totally and dangerously unsatisfactory."
I . from Lees Summit, MO on April 5th, 2016
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"The tech took two hours after I called. He did call me right away but then told me he was going to eat lunch first. He was nice enough. He took the front panel off my furnace and told me the switch had been kicked off by flames rolling outward-said a cracked transformer?(think that is correct word. usually is the cause for this and that I would probably need a new furnace. He never actually looked at the part and signed me up to get a new furnace installed. I had been damn cold all day-and almost took him at his word-I am a single mother with no credit -and I told him that. He was going to shut my furnace off and let me wait until Tuesday for heat. He did leave it to where I could turn it on if I absolutely had to. To wrap things up-I got a second opinion(thought it was weird that he never actually looked at the part.) It was actually soot build up-it just needed a really good cleaning and new filter. - got all that done for $100. Don't appreciate being taken advantage of. I have a BSN in Nursing sciences--was taught to pay attention. He even tried to make me think he was doing me a favor by waiving the service fee. I am a Veteran and I have taken care of myself a long time. Not good business and I will make sure I put that on my blog. Thanks--Going to have my furnace and Air conditioner done by the guy who was honest with me. "
T . L from Belton, MO on February 19th, 2016
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"I called because I had a leak from my upstairs shower through the ceiling below. After cutting a hole in my ceiling, he told me it was a tile issue, not a plumbing issue. I paid $400 to have my tile caulked and sealed only to find that there was still a leak. My tile guy came back and found the leak was due to a hair clog in the shower drain that was causing water to pool and run over the lip and leak. Now I have to pay to have my ceiling repaired due to the hole the plumber put in it. Checking the drain should have been the first step. Even my tile guy said "I'm disappointed in your plumber". My hair clog has cost me over $1000"
T . S from Lees Summit, MO on January 29th, 2016
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"rust on just cleaned carpet"
D . B from Shawnee Mission, KS on January 25th, 2016
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W . R from Kansas City, MO on January 21st, 2016
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"I have a heat pump which I don't want to use as gas is less expensive. I ask your representative to change the thermostat to use furnace only. He said the Em heat was the setting for furnace only. So at 6:08 pm the heat pump is working and the furnace is not. He said the furnace was working properly. I have used your company for a number of years and now am wondering if I made the correct decision"
J . W from Leawood, KS on December 19th, 2015
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"Wrong size hot water heater."
D . S from Grain Valley, MO on September 28th, 2015
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"Marvin was great the not having all the paperwork for financing and such was very unprofessional. the fact that your office had a gas leak was part of the problem but i feel all of the paperwork for this job should have been ready at least a day or two before the exact install day. Marvin was great and handled his job very professionally under not the best of circumstances. "
T . M from Blue Springs, MO on August 10th, 2015
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