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L . from Shawnee Mission, KS on December 1st, 2018
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"We purchased an air conditioner check up and cleaning thru our HA. Low and behold the capacitor was on the brink of failure. (according to the technician) I agreed to have him replace the capacitor to the tune of $225.00. (At the time I thought this seemed like a lot of money, however if the capacitor fails, it would require a service call, plus any inconvenience having a failed AC unit.) Well, the technician let the old capacitor as well as the box the new capacitor was in laying in the lawn, so I took the part number from the box and did a google look up and then I became furious to learn that I could buy this capacitor at numerous locations for far less than $10.00. I am fully aware that you are required to make a profit on your parts, but this kind of markup is ridiculous"
T . C from Kansas City, MO on August 8th, 2018
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"I have an old furnace and was not surprised to get bad news from Brad at R-Tech that my control panel needed to be replaced. I called Sears and found out that they do not make that particular furnace any longer and thus I would need to replace the whole unit. My thermostat had not been working, so i bought a new one and put it in, but still couldn't get the air to come on. I tried to contact Brad several times, but was unsuccessful and so I called All Hours Heating to come assess the problem. Joe from All Hours was here 5 minutes and got the unit running....This was truly a blessing because I am disabled and very short on cash!!!"
A . H from Kansas City, MO on June 11th, 2018
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"The technician called around 8am on Friday, May 11th, to let us know he wouldn't arrive until around 9am that morning due to a storm going through in Belton. Only sprinkled in Raymore just a bit. He arrived shortly before 9am only to let me know he would have to return home to get his tool box he left at home. He arrived once again at 9:26am. I explained what our a/c was doing. Once we turned on the thermostat to cool, a/c would try and turn on, but would trip the breaker. After about 20 min. being outside with the unit, looking at the breaker box, he came to the assumption we were not getting electricity to our a/c. He couldn't have been more incorrect. The breaker wouldn't trip if we weren't getting power to the unit. I'm not a/c repairperson, but wondered if he even used a multi-meter on the unit. We consulted our electrician and my husband took his multi-meter out to confirm we were indeed getting power to the unit. The technicians main concern was his day was now at least an hour behind because of the storm that morning. Our air conditioning is still NOT working almost a week later and we're out a $69 service charge. This is not the same level of service we've experienced in the past with R-Mech and are very disappointed and would appreciate a refund of our service charge."
S . from Raymore, MO on May 17th, 2018
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"I felt over-charged for this service, considering that I directed the servicemen directly to the failed trouble shooting require....2 sheet metal screws and out the door. $300+ to replace a $60 part was ridiculous."
B . from Winchester, KS on March 26th, 2018
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"Very unprofessional. Plumber refused to take action to prevent possible harm to carpet. Most service people either remove their shoes or use shoe covers, he did neither - we requested he remove shoes, but he said his street shoes were "clean". We have white carpet.Invoice was not itemized. I purchased an Angie's List coupon which was supposed to cover the service call and provide a $50 service discount. Service man said he would give us an additional discount, besides the $50 option. To replace a stool flapper and float over $223? When I questioned service man on the apparent high cost, given we paid Angie's list $39, he suggested it was due to the Gerber flapper. I've had better service on these products and a cheaper price from two other plumbing firms. My biggest mistake was in not getting a detailed quote so I could value the Angie's List coupon."
W . from Shawnee Mission, KS on January 8th, 2018
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"Just to address the situation about the toilet flapper in our main floor bathroom....Jessie (I believe it was) had been out to our house on an initial visit and had, supposedly fixed that particular toilet. After he left, the toilet continued to have problems. When I called him about it, he said he should have replaced the flapper when he was there and would come by in the next day or two to address the problem. He later called and said I should set up another appt. which I did. When he came the second time and quoted us a price that was more than the cost of the original toilet or a new one (to replace the flapper), we declined and were charged for another service call. I believe he knew the problem before the second visit and could have or should have easily told us how much it was going to cost to repair a flapper. We certainly wouldn't have had him come out a second time had we known how much this was going to cost."
E . from Lees Summit, MO on November 23rd, 2017
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" I would like to know what the problem was and if it was resolved? Thank you, Jill 816-616-3626"
J . H from Blue Springs, MO on June 23rd, 2017
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"Got to pay $69. for nothing !!! A total rip-off. Plus an outrageous proposal for thousands of dollars!!! It was fixed for less than $100.00. I am requesting my money back, or will report to BB and online. H. Pensec"
H . P from Kansas City, MO on April 28th, 2017
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" I feel like I was ripped off. I was in need of a water heater in an emergency, was forced to pay over $500 dollars for a water pressure regulator and installation for a part that runs no more than $150.00. The area where the regulator was installed required no confined space entry and was openly accessible. Can provide photos. Workers were on site for 2 hours total. "
J . G from Shawnee Mission, KS on January 31st, 2017
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