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"Service provided on 8/3/18 - R-Mech's Motto: "Large Enough to Serve and Small Enough to Care". I DISAGREE as I have an older furnace and experienced cooling issues 2 weeks ago. My very respectable and trusted appliance guy was set to leave for a 20 year wedding anniversary, however made it to my residence, prior to his departure to advice that it was my Lennox furnace fan that was likely the issue. He was correct. He advised to call a company that is familiar and able to obtain a Lennox part and the cost should be $200 or less for this part, not include the labor. I did my research, only to select R-Mech. WHY??? Please do your research! Not only did the replacement of this part cost me $675 (WOW - what overhead!) but within 2 days - I was without A/C AGAIN. I called the office and another repair person arrived only to attempt to charge me another $69 service fee, which was eventually waived but also advised it was a different fuse that had blown on the exterior of my home. No quote for service/repair was provided however after GOOGLE, we determined a $20 fuse could be purchased at Nuts & Bolts and this started my A/C once again for a few additional days. It is now 8/17, no A/C ONCE AGAIN At this point I am frustrated! While R-Mech sent out additional technicians and provided additional advise to purchase a new system, it came AFTER my $675 was spent. It was an additional sales pitch, when the most professional approach would be to thoroughly analyze the unit and any issues and state the facts as I am a woman with little to no experience in this area. MY ADVICE to FUTURE CUSTOMERS is to LOOK AROUND. R-Mech has extensive overhead on their services and as I stated to the technicians, when I take my car to the dealership - I do this knowing that they will not be the cheapest, but will be thorough. My oil changes come with a tire rotation and tip off of fluids (those extra things that make a customer happy). As a customer I have a choice to repair what I am able to, at the time but I am FULLY AWARE of the overall health of my vehicle. R-Mech failed me. PLEASE do not allow them to do this to you!! R-Mech is Small Enough to care about their EMPLOYEES, but not their CLIENTS. Is it just me or will you be next?The two star rating was due to the ladies in the office and also because selecting 1 star has been disabled. "
V . from Independence, MO on August 17th, 2018
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"Courteous and thorough."
L . from Olathe, KS on August 16th, 2018
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
" Technician on time, circuitous and thorough "
S . H from Kansas City, MO on August 15th, 2018
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
" He was really great. Very polite, knows his stuff, took his time and did a complete and thorough evaluation. Thank you!"
S . K from Shawnee Mission, KS on August 10th, 2018
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"Jack K. provided outstanding service, he was very thorough and professional; came right on schedule. He left information with me that will be valuable going forward with my units."
O . from Shawnee Mission, KS on August 10th, 2018
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"Thanks for the fast service guys!"
L . T from Kansas City, MO on August 9th, 2018
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"We purchased an air conditioner check up and cleaning thru our HA. Low and behold the capacitor was on the brink of failure. (according to the technician) I agreed to have him replace the capacitor to the tune of $225.00. (At the time I thought this seemed like a lot of money, however if the capacitor fails, it would require a service call, plus any inconvenience having a failed AC unit.) Well, the technician let the old capacitor as well as the box the new capacitor was in laying in the lawn, so I took the part number from the box and did a google look up and then I became furious to learn that I could buy this capacitor at numerous locations for far less than $10.00. I am fully aware that you are required to make a profit on your parts, but this kind of markup is ridiculous"
T . C from Kansas City, MO on August 8th, 2018
star(1 / 5)
"James was terrific. "
C . from Shawnee Mission, KS on August 3rd, 2018
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"JAMES was wonderful, so very polite and knowledgeable. Cleaned our tankless water heater and gave recommendation for future needs. Price was very affordable and he was prompt for appointment time. Thank you so much "
E . from Kansas City, MO on August 1st, 2018
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" We used Don Paxton to fix my plumbing problem. He did an excellent job for us. The guy is a credit to your organization for sure. We used him once before and he did an excellent job on that call also. The man came out here on his day off which speaks highly to his character and devotion to his job. "
B . R from Kc, MO on July 28th, 2018
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