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Directly southwest of our home in Kansas City, MO home is Overland Park, Kansas in Johnson County. We have served Overland Park home and business owners and their heating, air conditioning, water heating, and plumbing needs since 1999.

R-Mech Heating, Cooling and Plumbing is licensed and insured in greater Overland Park, and our decades of experience make us the ideal choice for local home and business owners.

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Winter Season Heating Choice in Overland Park

Harsh winter winds and periods of arctic cold punctuate winters in eastern Kansas. Staying warm and safe requires properly sized and maintained heating equipment. R-Mech understands heating. There are three technologies that are both popular and effective ensuring comfort and economy throughout the long Overland Park heating season.

At R-Mech we feature Freedom Gas furnaces. With efficiencies of over 97% AFUE, variable speed blowers and staged heating operation these systems are quieter, more efficient and more comfortable than anything you have experienced.

Natural Gas heat has been a traditional choice in Overland Park - either with a ducted furnace system or a boiler. Natural gas in Overland Park is provided by Atmos Energy.

And we’re not just about new installations; rather much our work is helping Overland Park homeowners extend the life of their equipment with proper maintenance, and offering prompt diagnosis and repair services when something goes wrong.

For more information about our gas furnace services click here. Our licensed and factory-trained service techs are here to help.

Hot water and steam boiler systems are also in northeastern Kansas. At R-Mech we are hydronic system experts for both boiler repairs and the installation of new high-efficiency boilers for your Overland Park home or business. For more information about our boiler services click here.

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Plumbing Services for Overland Park, Kansas

Water Heaters

R-Mech is also a full-service water heater specialist. We offer installation or service for electric tanks, gas-fired tank water heaters, advanced gas tankless, and heat pump water heaters.

If you need a new water heater for your Drums home or business, or if you’re having problems with your existing water heater give us a call. We service all types of water heaters. Our plumbing experts can rapidly evaluate your problem and we stock the parts necessary to correct most water heater problems fast. For more information about our conventional water heater services in Overland Park, click here.

R-Mech is also the premier tankless water heater specialist serving Overland Park. For more information about our tankless water heater services click here.

We also offer full plumbing services in Overland Park including leak repair, drain cleaning, and we are well pump specialists. For details about our plumbing services in Johnson County click here.

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Summer Air Conditioning in Overland Park, KS

Summertime in Overland Park is great, although it can get pretty hot and humid. The convenience and comfort of full central air conditioning makes a huge difference for Johnson County home and business owners. At R-Mech we are air conditioning experts. We are EPA certified and locally licensed to service and install central air conditioning systems to meet the needs of Overland Park business and homeowners.

Click here to learn more about our new central air conditioning systems featuring Freedom Air Conditioning equipment.

We also service all central air conditioning brands. If your AC is not operating properly give us a call. Our EPA certified and insured service techs have the experience and parts to diagnose your problem and get your AC systems operating properly. Click here for more about our air conditioning service.

Heat Pumps and Ductless Mini-Splits Offer Year-Around Comfort

For year-round comfort heat pump systems are a great choice. Our local power company for Overland Park is Evergy. R-Mech in an Evergy-Authorized Contractor. Evergy, Inc. offers their customers rebates on the purchase of up to $700 for the installation of high-efficiency heat pump systems. Click here for details.

At R-Mech we offer two major types of heat pump systems: central ducted heat pumps, and mini-split heat pumps.

A very popular part of our business is mini-split heat pumps with technology leader Daikin. This technology has been used worldwide since the 1970s, and are increasingly popular here in Overland Park. Mini-splits have unparalleled efficiencies both for heating and cooling and are available in a range of configurations. To learn more about our mini-splits click here.

Freedom is our premier line for central ducted heat pumps. A central heat pump is like a traditional air conditioner in that it is connected with refrigerant lines to a ducted air handler or furnace. However, it is designed with a reversing valve that allows it to operate very efficiently in cold months to provide very efficient comfortable heat. To learn more about the installation, service, and repair of central heat pumps in Overland Park, KS click here.

To ensure the safety of our community, the City of Overland Park, Kansas requires that almost all heating, air conditioning, or plumbing updates obtain a permit, and co-ordinate inspections of those services. For more information about Overland Park permitting and inspections, click here.
Since 2013, R-Mech has been an Accredited member of the Kansas City Better Business Bureau. We are more than proud of our A+ rating!

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