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LG duct-free systems are available in a range of sizes and styles--including systems that can heat and cool multiple rooms with a single outdoor unit to fit almost any need. The indoor units are available in many different types to fit with the look and feel of your home.

LG Mirror Artcool looks great and keeps you comfortable.

A Whole New Way to Think About Air Conditioning

With the duct-free split system from LG you now have a home climate control option that is quiet, easy to install, heat or cool individual rooms for personalized comfort and is often more efficient than traditional air conditioning.

Duct free split systems have been use for decades in other countries but are still relatively new to the United States. You might be more familiar with bulky, noisy, and innefficient window units or complicated central air solutions with elaborate, invasive ductwork. A duct-free system essentially streamlines a traditional central air system in several ways; utalizing just an outdoor condensing unit, one or more indoor untis mounted on the wall or in the ceiling, and a slender conduit for piping lines and wiring.

Instead of pushing cooled or heated air through duct work the old fashioned way, duct-free split systems put an indoor unit into each room. This approach is much more efficient because these indoor units deliver the conditioned air into the room that requires it without the energy loss from the air traveling through any duct work.

The outdoor unit's inverter compressor uses smart electronics to ramp the system up or down to achieve the correct temperature and then only uses minimal energy to keep the room comfortable. Because each room has its own thermostat and controller the termperature can be set specifically for each room for greater comfort and even greater savings.

LG Artcool is a great way to add an accent piece to a room.
Single Zone LG Mini Split

Single Zone

LG Duct-Free Split single zone systems offer many styles of indoor units to complement any décor. These one-to-one systems include an outdoor unit complemented with an indoor unit, offering a complete air conditioning system for any home or light commecial space.

Multiple Zone LG Mini Split

Multi Zone

Multi zone heat pump systems provide outdoor units for two, three, four and up to eight separate zones. A variety of indoor units are available for any application; systems can be configured with all non-ducted, all ducted, or with both non-ducted and ducted indoor units.

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You now have a home climate control option that is quiet, easy to install, heat or cool individual rooms for personalized comfort and is often more efficient than traditional air conditioning.

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Stay comfortable year round with a LG minisplit.

We also provide maintenance agreements to ensure that your HVAC, Water Heating and Plumbing systems are operating at their highest efficiencies. Saving you money and keeping your equipment running correctly day after day, year after year.

Maintenance Agreements

Common Cooling Issues

  • Mini split is not working properly or turning on
  • Certain rooms or offices are too hot or too cold
  • The air from the mini split smells funny
  • Strange noises are coming from the condenser
  • The crawl space of my house is too hot or too cold
  • The thermostat is not working properly
  • Air is not circulating properly
  • Mini split pipes are freezing
  • No air or minimal air flow from vents or certain rooms

Energy Bill Savings Tips

Ensure your comfort system is warming and cooling your home at optimum levels when you want it. Here's how you can save:

  • Yearly system inspections
  • Sealing of vents and duct work
  • Proper home insulation levels
  • Adjustment of gas pressure by trained professional
  • Routine cleaning and servicing of HVAC system by Factory Trained Professional
  • Implementation of zoning systems


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