Energy Audits

Examine, Diagnose & Improve

Whole House Approach

A Home Performance Energy Audit is a comprehensive, whole-house approach to identifying the primary sources that are making your home energy usage inefficient, uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy.

We have a BPI certified Home Performance Analyst and Missouri Certified Auditor on staff to perform the evaluations, determine the best course of action, make the recommendations, help you prioritize the most energy efficient and cost effective plan, and oversee the recommended performance upgrades as they are being implemented. Once the upgrades have been completed, the home will be tested again to determine just how effective the upgrades were, FREE OF CHARGE!

Home Energy Audits show the vulnerabilities of your home's insulation and heat retention.

Whole Home Energy Assessments

These evaluations take an average of 3-4 hours of detailed health and safety testing.

  • Ensuring there are not carbon monoxide issues, checking to make sure that there are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home.
  • Heating, Cooling & Water heating equipment age and specification verification.
  • Checking to see what light bulbs are being used and make suggestions to help lower electric bills through replacement.
  • Attic and Whole Home insulation levels, attic ventilation.
  • Setting up a blower door to evaluate infiltration rates of the whole home.

The benefits to this detailed evaluation and performing the recommended upgrades can be a more comfortable living space, lower utility bills, longer life of your heating, cooling and water heating equipment. Missouri residents also get the added benefit of a State Tax Rebate for the audit and upgrade costs of up to $1,000.00 for a single filing taxpayer and up to $2,000.00 for joint filers.

Weatherization Services Provided

Air Sealing Packages: We can seal up the leaks in your home using caulk and one part expanding polyurethane can foam once we have identified where the leaks are through the thermal scans and audits. We can better seal around your windows and doors, seal the plumbing and electrical penetrations in the attic, and seal the wall top plates in the attic, seal the rim joists around the foundation of your home, and close off any open wall chases in the attic, we can even add additional weather stripping to doors that will drastically reduce the leakage compared to having just one set of protection. All of these measures allow us to help make the thermal envelope tighter and more efficient. The air sealing measures should not be performed until knowing the tightness of your home through proper measurement and testing.


We can upgrade your attic insulation. We will get you to the currently recommended levels by the Department of Energy, using blown fiberglass if it is found that your levels are subpar. We use only CertainTeed products that are both easy to work with and environmentally friendly.


If you have a crawl-space or unconditioned basement under your home, we can work to regulate the temperatures better through making this a more stable environment. This is done using a combination of all of our products. We make these areas less leaky to the outside environment, insulate them to a higher level, and keep that air out of your home. If the air outside gets into these areas, you can bet it is getting into your home.

Spray Foam

We can air seal and insulate any areas that are found to require trickier solutions. For those areas, we have Closed Cell 2 Part Expanding Polyurethane Spray Foam that both seals and insulates when applied. The rim joists of your home are generally where this product is utilized the most because they are often times one of the biggest contributors to air infiltration.

Rigid Foam Board

If you have knee walls in the attic, these expose the rooms inside the home to the temperatures and air of the attic. By installing foam board to the attic side of these walls, we can help you better regulate the temperatures in those rooms by providing both better air sealing and R-value to slow the heat transfer.

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We will help you create a healthier, more comfortable home that is more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable

Improve your home's efficiency with a Home Energy Audit.

We also provide maintenance agreements to ensure that your HVAC, Water Heating and Plumbing systems are operating at their highest efficiencies. Saving you money and keeping your equipment running correctly day after day, year after year.

Maintenance Agreements

Thermal Camera Scans

Find the exact areas where your home is being infiltrated by outside air. This is done utilizing a blower door by forcing air out of the home and allowing us to take pictures using the thermal imaging camera as the air is drawn in through areas that are not sealed properly.

Attic Inspections

We will get up in the attic to evaluate the insulation levels of your home and make sure that your attic is properly ventilated with eave and roof vents. While in the attic, we will also check to see if there are areas of concern such as properly places baffles over the eave vents to ensure proper ventilation once the additional insulation is installed, knee walls that should be better insulated and sealed, open wall chases to the attic from the walls in the living space, what type of insulation has previously been installed, and areas of leakage from the thermal envelope.


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